Little Pieces of Art

I have been under the weather for the past week, getting much worse since Sunday. Went to the doctor yesterday, and it is not Covid, so that is good news. It is hard to concentrate on my bigger pieces when I am not doing well, but creating little pieces of art is manageable — andContinue reading “Little Pieces of Art”

Seek Peace Over of Happiness

My college aged son came home for a short visit this weekend. In the brief time he was here, he wrote a message for me to find on my inspiration whiteboard, that I did not find until he was gone: ”Seek Peace Over Happiness.” My guess is it was in response to my quote “ChooseContinue reading “Seek Peace Over of Happiness”

Quiet Morning to Paint

I woke up a little earlier than usual and spent that time working on a water-color/ink painting of a local cafe. I love doing watercolor or ink drawings of our beautiful downtown buildings in Bloomington, Illinois. I usually have 2 to 3 pieces I work on at the same time. I find I need toContinue reading “Quiet Morning to Paint”

Becoming a daily blogger

I have been practicing my art pretty much daily since I did my first Inktober in 2018. But I have never gotten into the habit of blogging daily. And I think it is something I want to try. Just as it took me a long time to accept that not all of my drawings orContinue reading “Becoming a daily blogger”

Art Hacks

I have been practicing my art pretty much daily for the past three years, and I have definitely learned a lot (and improved a lot). Experienced artists probably know most of these, but I’ve been learning as I go. Along the way I picked up a few hacks I thought I would share. Toothpaste squeezersWeContinue reading “Art Hacks”

Play, Practice and Pigeon Holes

Back in another lifetime, in the days before I became a mother, I was a preschool teacher. My favorite group to work with were the 2-3 years olds. Except for the potty training, every day was play. And I was the one who came up with all of the crazy things we would play withContinue reading “Play, Practice and Pigeon Holes”

Welcoming 2022 with a Giveway

What a year it has been! Keeping the focus here on my art (because I could write forever about the events of 2021), this year has been a dream come true! As many of you know, in August of this year, I became part owner (through a Low Profit LLC) of Main Gallery 404 inContinue reading “Welcoming 2022 with a Giveway”