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Hello, I am Eileen Backman, and I am rediscovering my inner artist. I have spent my life in various professions — preschool teacher, program director for a psychiatric treatment facility, fitness instructor and paralegal for my soulmate and love of my life, attorney husband. I am a proud mother of a soon to be 19 year old who is a sophomore at his University, and my recent empty nest is starting to be filled by my passion for art.

I have always loved drawing in pencil, but in recent years have discovered the joy of drawing and painting with ink, as well as watercolor, and am currently experimenting with gouache and alcohol ink. I am drawn to a variety of subject matter, and seem to move through ‘phases’ where I focus on one subject area or one medium for a while, before I move on to something else.

Lately, I have even been dabbling in a bit of photography, and have fallen in love a bit with the world of the ‘small’. I purchased a handheld microscope camera and have loved discovering the beauty in the ordinary that usually goes by unseen! It satisfies both my artistic heart and my inner nerd to investigate what things look like at the microscopic level.

And I have even taken the plunge into original digital art, and digital manipulations of traditional art and photography. Most of my digital work is celebrity portraits and abstract paintings, though I hope learn to do some landscapes and cityscapes digitally as well.

In the July of 2020, I started selling my original work in a local art gallery, in my current hometown of Bloomington, Illinois. When I got my first sale, I said aloud for the first time “I am an artist.” It was like coming home.

In August 2020, I decided to join Fine Art America to sell prints to reach more people, and showcase more of the variety of my art … and to continue to be inspired by the amazing artwork of so many talented artists that are selling here. You can view my entire gallery of images on Fine Art America at: https://eileen-backman.pixels.com/

I have started this Blog as a way to share some of my process, and share more of my original works with the public. If you are interested in purchasing any of the original works posted here, please contact me to discuss price and shipping. I am also available for commissioned pieces.

Email Address: emybackart@emybackart.com

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