New Digital Oil Paintings: Taylor Swift

I’ve been working on improving my digital oil painting skills, and have two new portraits of Taylor Swift to share. Signed prints (any size) are available through my website. Images of each of the original digital oil painting and some variations of them are below: Reminder that I am still open for commissions … it’sContinue reading “New Digital Oil Paintings: Taylor Swift”

What’s on the Wall at Main Gallery 404

I switched out my art at Main Gallery 404 this week, and wanted to share which of my pieces are now on display. For those of you who have not been to the gallery (you should go!), each artist gets a section of wall to display their art. My spot is located in the middleContinue reading “What’s on the Wall at Main Gallery 404”

Digital Apps for the Traditional Artist: Part Two – Procreate

If you are a digital artist, than you know just how powerful a tool Procreate is for creating original digital art. It is the app that I use for just about all of my digital work, and I know I have only barely touched the surface of what it can do. But I am notContinue reading “Digital Apps for the Traditional Artist: Part Two – Procreate”

Digital Apps for the Traditional Artist: Part One

Photos and Grid My plan is to share with you here some of the digital apps that I use on my IPAD to assist me in my traditional art work. Although I do use my Ipad (2018 IPAD Pro 12.9 inch) for creating digital art, I have also found that many of the apps areContinue reading “Digital Apps for the Traditional Artist: Part One”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Tribute Portrait

Sharing a tribute painting I did of Ruth Bader Ginsburg after she died in 2020. I — like many — are often moved to make tribute paintings when people die. Like we are trying to preserve their essence in a permanent form. I think it is meaningful. The painting was done all in black inkContinue reading “Ruth Bader Ginsburg Tribute Portrait”