What’s on the Wall at Main Gallery 404

I switched out my art at Main Gallery 404 this week, and wanted to share which of my pieces are now on display. For those of you who have not been to the gallery (you should go!), each artist gets a section of wall to display their art. My spot is located in the middle of the North Wall. I also have a bin on the other side of the aisle from my wall space of all of my unframed work (pictured below).

Here is a single photo of each one of the 10 pieces on the wall, size, price and medium, along with a little blurb about each:

Riverside Stroll on a Sunday. Ink painting on paper. 11 x 17 in a 13 x 19 frame. $175

This is one of the very first ink paintings I did in 2019.

This piece has not been at the gallery before, just hanging on my wall at home. Captures 2 things I love — buildings and boats! Reference photo in public domain, I am not sure where this is specifically. But I can use my imagination and take a stroll by this river!

Overlooking Toluca (Mexico) Ink painting on paper. 11 x 17 in a 13 x 19 frame. $175.

This is also an early ink painting, finished in 2019 or early 2020. This is when I really started to fall in love with painting unique architecture. This piece has been at the gallery before (2021), but has not been back since then!

Morning Light. Ink painting on paper. 11 x 17 in a 13 x 19 frame. $175

This painting is from a photo that my very talented cousin took of a church at Fort Hunter, PA. I loved the light and shadows he captured, and wanted to reflect that in this quiet morning scene.

Florence from a Distance. Ink painting on paper. 11 x 17 in a 13 x 19 frame. $175.

This is another piece inspired by one of my cousin’s photos from his travels in Italy. I really enjoyed capturing the architecture (from a distance!), and especially in the reflections in the water.

Morning in Italy. Ink painting on paper. 11 x 17 in a 13 x 19 frame. $175.

I got the reference photo for this piece on the public domain (there are so many sites for copyright free reference photos). I was in a “Pink” mood, and was looking for a piece that highlighted pink and architecture. This is one of my favorite pieces that I have done. I just love the colorful buildings in Europe. One day I hope to see them first hand, but for now, I can at least capture them on paper!

This painting has been at the gallery since June.

Elephant Walk. Pastel on paper. 11 x 14 in 14 x 18 frame. $125

I really loved every minute of “painting” this elephant, and it tested my skills using soft pastel to capture the details of the skin, especially the trunk. I pretty new to using soft pastel, but I really love the atmosphere that it creates. I named it Elephant Walk, well, because elephants are always walking! This piece was most recently exhibiting at Under Wraps.

Cool Sail under Summer Sun. Acrylic on Canvas 10 x 20 x 1.5, painting extend over the sides. $165.

This is another piece from Under Wraps that I brought to the gallery. And probably one of my favorite acrylic pieces. I am working on getting “softer” with acrylic paint, to make them feel more like oil, and less intense. And boats is another one of my favorite subjects to paint. Not sure why, I don’t like to be in them (I get seasick!). But they sure can take you away in a painting to a calm and serene place. $165

A Sunny Place to Rest. Watercolor on paper. 8 x 10 in a 11 x 14 Frame. $95

I am an avid road cyclist, but I still loved how quaint this yellow bicycle with a basket of flowers looked resting against the wall. Photo reference from public domain.

This painting has been at the gallery since June.

Illinois House, Bloomington, Illinois 10 x 13 in a 13 x 15 frame. Ink on paper. $125

When I was taking a reference photo of the building across the street for a commission, I was struck by the lantern lights and great architecture of this historic building. And so I snapped a few pictures of it as well. I really like the softness I was able to achieve with the ink, which can be pretty intense.

White Place in Winter. Watercolor on Paper. 11 x 14 in silver colored frame. $125

This is the second painting I have done using this reference photo that I took of the beautiful and historic White Place. The first was a larger piece in acrylic on canvas (still available, btw), but I loved it so much I wanted to see how it looked in watercolor.

I have a number of local pieces that I am saving for an exhibit at Normal Library in September, and also the Fell Park Festival on Sept 17. Those pieces will be available after those events are over.

Thank you for taking a look at my art, and for your continued support.

Reminder that I am still open for commissions … it’s not too early to get on the list for Christmas! September to November is a very busy time for artists!

Thank you for your visit! Please feel free to leave a like or a comment.

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