This weekend, I made a number of originals of a painting I did a few years ago called “A Snowy Day in the City.” I actually have lost the original painting, so I worked off a photo of it. I decided to paint additional 5 x 7 originals to use as greeting cards and display in small frames for Christmas. It is a fairly simple ink painting (uses only black and white), and it seems to reproduce pretty easily. I will be bringing these down to Main Gallery 404 this month.

It’s not often that I paint the same exact painting over again, though I have done a lot of different paintings of the same subject. Until I started selling my art, I would have never considered doing multiple paintings of the same scene — or even the same place. But I find more and more that is exactly what I am doing. So I thought I would share a few here:

I have done six paintings of the David Davis Mansion.

I have done four paintings of the McLean County (old) Courthouse (and am working on a 5th piece as a commission).

Two Paintings of Ewing Manor

Two paintings of the Bistro (plus one commission – not shown)

Two paintings of White Place.

Two Paintings of Vrooman Mansion

Two Paintings and One Photo of the Ensenberger

Two Ink Paintings of RGB

Too Many Digital Paintings and 1 original painting of Billie Eilish (need to use a slideshow for these!)

And four digital paintings of Amanda Gorman

And what I have discovered, is that I see each building, each person, just a little bit differently each time I do another rendition. Such joy!

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