Becoming a daily blogger

I have been practicing my art pretty much daily since I did my first Inktober in 2018. But I have never gotten into the habit of blogging daily. And I think it is something I want to try. Just as it took me a long time to accept that not all of my drawings or paintings need to be masterpieces or even finished products, I realized that not all of my blogs need to be full blown articles, or even have a point. And this will be especially true as I devote effort toward blogging daily. I wanted a blog on my website to share my process of becoming a middle aged artist, but have not blogged consistently enough to fulfill that purpose. So i am starting tonight by posting a picture of my current workin progress. It is painted over my last work in progress that I got frustrated with and gave up on. Currently I am at the point of using acrylic markers to figure out my details. I never like how it looks at this stage – but I will trust the process and see where it goes. More tomorrow

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