Welcoming 2022 with a Giveway

What a year it has been! Keeping the focus here on my art (because I could write forever about the events of 2021), this year has been a dream come true! As many of you know, in August of this year, I became part owner (through a Low Profit LLC) of Main Gallery 404 in downtown Bloomington. My partners and I worked incredibly hard to revitalize the gallery, and to support the 34 or so artists who exhibit there. And I have to say, the gallery has come together beyond our wildest expectations! I have met so many talented local artists, and really feel like I am part of the Bloomington Artist Community.

Throughout it all, I kept up with my own art practice, even venturing into new venues like greeting cards, prints and ornaments. But given all that was going on, I did not really keep up with the “business” aspect of promoting my own art. So my goal for 2022, is to spend a little more time expanding my art business both in terms of attracting more commissions, and increasing my marketing area from local to nationwide.

Prior to the decision to become part of Main Gallery 404, I was devoting a good amount of time to promoting and sharing my work on Fine Art America. And when I was paying attention to it, I did fairly well, especially given that it was my first year. In that time, I sold 25 of my images to friends and strangers either as wall prints or on products (like apparel, face masks and coffee mugs). But since August, I have not had any time to devote to my FAA store (and as a result have not sold one item since then). To be honest, I am still not sure how much time I want to spend on it — as I am not sure the time is worth the effort from a business (or enjoyment) perspective. But I do like the ability to sell my images on products, and FAA offers a huge array of good quality products.

More recently, there was the shutting down of my Digital Download Etsy Shop. It was very frustrating to have my original art pieces flagged for copyright violations with no real way to challenge that. So I closed that store, and opened a digital download shop on Payhip. Etsy is a much more powerful forum, as they advertise for you. In the year that I was on Etsy, I sold about 100 images, without spending too much $ on advertising. This year, I will be spending some more time building up my new digital shop from scratch (all images will be selling for $2 a piece).

And so, even with all this art “business” taking up my time, I am also recommitting to my art practice. And for me this means not painting things because I think they will sell, but painting to continue to explore my passion for art and improve my skills.

And finally … the Giveaway. In order to expand my reach, I am starting an email list so I can send updates, special deals, new work and works in progress. In order to encourage more people to sign up, each quarter, I am going to be holding a drawing to give away one piece of art to one of my followers. This quarter, I am giving away the painting below. It is 9 x 12 Gouache Painting, in a glass frame, entitled “Evening Bright“. (I am not a photographer, so please forgive the bad photo of the framed work!). Drawing will be held the winner announced on March 31, 2022.

So how do enter to win? Simple … just sign up for my email list here:

And that’s it!

I thank the Universe that during the very difficult past two years, I have had the solace of my art to get me through. Thank you to all who support my art practice. Wishing you all a safe and healthy 2022.

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