Inspire Me

Sometimes my inspiration well just seems to run dry. I just don’t have any ideas of what it is I want to paint or draw. Abstract digital work often fills in the gap. But last year I also came up with another idea. I posted an “Inspire Me” promotion on my Facebook page. I asked people to post a picture they would like me to paint, and I would paint it, add it to my gallery, and send them a free 8 x 10 color print. Mostly, people posted their pets. And that’s okay, I love painting cats and dogs.

Recently I was stuck again, and reviewed the pictures on that post (there are a LOT of pictures :)). And I found a photo of a beautiful little girl in a field of sunflowers. So I decided to do a digital painting of that. Sharing it here, hoping it will bring you some inspiration too.

Thanks for reading!

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