Painting vs. Sketching Faces

When I was young, the only medium I ever used was pencil. When I took ”Honors Art” my senior year of high school, my teacher would not let us use pencil. Only pen in our sketchbooks. And boy to did I come to love ink! Then, our final project was to paint a self portrait. Uh-oh, now I had to figure out how to use paint and use color. I had lots of trouble with this assignment, and all I remember is my teacher telling me the colors looked like mud.

So with that backdrop, I have been wary of using color — especially for portraits. But since I have reinvested my time into art again, I have been exploring a lot with different mediums, and now feel pretty comfortable with both watercolor and acrylic for people portraits. I don’t know if I will ever do another self portrait, but here is some progress on Frida. Trying not to overwork it, but to be honest, I am still having a bit of trouble with her face. But that is the beauty of acrylic paint … let it dry, and paint over it again!

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