Building Portrait: Ewing Manor

Ewing Manor is the home of the annual Illinois Shakespeare festival in Bloomington, Illinois (my hometown). Plays run from mid-July through mid-August and are held in a beautiful outdoor theatre on the magnificent grounds of the estate. In the spirit of the festival, I decided my next building portrait would be of Ewing Manor. TheContinue reading “Building Portrait: Ewing Manor”

Planning a Painting of the Great Frida Kahlo

I bought a 20 x 20 canvas and found the perfect idea for what to paint on it. Last night I digitally planned out a painting of Frida Kahlo. Next steps would be to add color digitally AND to transfer the drawing to the canvas. I am excited to see how this one turns out!Continue reading “Planning a Painting of the Great Frida Kahlo”

Mind Racing with Ideas ….Procrastination?

Last night and this morning, my mind was racing with ideas for new paintings. I was thinking I could give each of my seven siblings a painting for their home. First I thought I would do a location from each of their current home towns, and then I thought, no, I should do it fromContinue reading “Mind Racing with Ideas ….Procrastination?”

Seek Peace Over of Happiness

My college aged son came home for a short visit this weekend. In the brief time he was here, he wrote a message for me to find on my inspiration whiteboard, that I did not find until he was gone: ”Seek Peace Over Happiness.” My guess is it was in response to my quote “ChooseContinue reading “Seek Peace Over of Happiness”