I have done lots of traditional pet portraits for friends and family. I have also done a lot as part of my Inspire Me Facebook Promotion from last summer ( And the animal I have definitely done the most … is cats!

So I am just sharing of few of my cat portraits because they make me happy. I’ll start with my 3 cats – Alana, Pluto and Galileo. These are digital photo paintings (pretty easy to do with digital software on my Ipad).

This Alana (sometimes known as Queen Alana). She is an 11 year old tabby that I got from the Shelter! She used to be a very chubby cat, but lost over 3 pounds in the last year. They don’t know why, and all her bloodwork comes back fine, and now they can stop hounding me because she is so overweight! She is a nervous, but very happy cat, and can still move fast!

This is Pluto. We got him when Alana’s companion Cody died at age 2. Alana was very upset, and did not really take to Pluto. They fight a lot, but tolerate each other. He is a VERY loving cat and likes to snuggle and play. And yes, he is big cat too …. 18 pounds!

These final 2 are of my littlest one Galileo (we call him Gally), who is 3. This is a watercolor and ink sketch I did of Gally when he was still a kitten … always in my garbage can (or box or anything else he could find to sit in!). The photo below is a digital photo edit like the others. Gally is a very friendly and funny cat. He has 2 weird habits … when he is lying on his tummy, he crosses his arms out in front of him (like a human would cross its legs!). The other one is that when he want to roll over on his back, he has to start with his his head! He tilts his head to the side and then starts to roll. Every single time.

Thanks for visiting … and stop by again soon to see more cat portraits!

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