Mind Racing with Ideas ….Procrastination?

Last night and this morning, my mind was racing with ideas for new paintings. I was thinking I could give each of my seven siblings a painting for their home. First I thought I would do a location from each of their current home towns, and then I thought, no, I should do it from our hometown in Danbury, Connecticut where we all grew up. Then I thought of their pets. And their kids. And then I got an email for a Call for Artists, and I started thinking about what I could paint for that. And then, and then, and then…

I stopped.

I don’t HAVE TO do any of that today, or ever.

What I want to do, and should be doing, is continue to work on my current commissioned painting. But it was at a point yesterday where I did not like it. But I trust the process, and so I got to work. Happy with today’s progress … it is starting to come together. And so it will be easier tomorrow to keep going.

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